The anti-union plaintiffs in this case (and the groups funding the case) have one goal and one goal only: to overturn Abood and deal a huge blow to public sector unions. Because only the Supreme Court can overrule one of its own cases, and because the Court currently has a 5-4 pro-corporate majority, the plaintiffs raced through the lower courts so that they could appear before the Supreme Court as quickly as possible. Thus, the plaintiffs are now before the Court with nothing but the rhetoric of their First Amendment arguments and no factual record whatsoever. No evidence, that is, to show that conditions have somehow changed in a relevant way since Abood. In the following clip, listen as California Solicitor General Edward DuMont, arguing on the union’s side, confirms the lack of a factual record to Justice Sotomayor, with Justices Scalia and Kennedy quickly attempting to nevertheless place a special burden on the union and state to defeat the plaintiffs’ case.