This case is being presented to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. This is the same court (with a different panel of judges) that heard and decided Planned Parenthood v. Abbott in March 2014.  In Abbott, the Fifth Circuit upheld Texas’s admitting privileges provision, even though it had the effect of closing many of the state’s abortion clinics.  In this clip, you hear a judge ask about how the Abbott decision controls the decision here; he expresses concern that it would be odd to have a decision that something is constitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment in Texas that would be unconstitutional in Mississippi.  Rikelman argues that an injunction preventing implementation of the admitting privileges law in Mississippi would be consistent with Abbott, where the Fifth Circuit wrote that while Texas articulated reasonable bases for the law, Planned Parenthood could have succeeded in its arguments if it could have shown that the effect of the law substantially burdened women’s access to abortion in Texas; in the Mississippi case, the district court made that finding.