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Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron says progressives “need to get away from the notion that we have to put only ‘safe’ people up” as nominees for the United States Supreme Court.
“I’d like to see a [Supreme Court] justice who’s been a civil rights lawyer [or] a public interest laywer,” Aron said on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes this morning. “If a president is willing to fight – and we’ve seen presidents fight for their nominees” we can have truly progressive judges on the nation’s highest court.  But, said Aron, “You can’t win a fight unless you start a fight.”
As AFJ’s Supreme Court Preview makes clear, the stakes are enormous.  Even the heart of a signature achievement of the fight for racial equality, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, may be on the line.  But, Aron said, it’s not up to a president alone.  It has to be our fight, too.  “We have to be the heroes in this story,” Aron said.
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