Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 to recommend Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the full Senate. Her historic nomination is one step closer to confirmation.

The mark-up was essentially just another act of the hearing: the same senators relying on the same talking points, including the continued willful misrepresentation of certain aspects of Judge Sotomayor’s record by Republicans. Despite the politically-charged speeches offered by Republicans, the Committee voted overwehelmingly in favor of Judge Sotomayor; Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rejected partisanship and joined Democrats in supporting the nomination.

We won’t bore you with the items raised during the Judiciary Committee vote–if you watched the hearings, we guarantee you’ve heard it all before. Multiple times. (Hint: Think “speeches” and “guns.”)

And, with the Committee vote over, Judge Sotomayor’s nomination now moves to the full Senate where floor debate on her nomination is likely to begin soon; a vote is expected to occur next week before the Senate leaves for its August recess.