Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) announced his support for the nomination of Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice.

The senator went on the record with Sylvia Smith of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette following a press briefing by Indiana University Maurer School of Law faculty members Dean Lauren Robel and Professor Aviva Orenstein. Dean Robel and Professor Orenstein discussed a letter signed by more than 70 law professors from around Indiana urging Senator Lugar to support confirmation of Dawn Johnsen. “We know Dawn Johnsen quite well, we have worked with her for 13 years, we’ve read her scholarship, we’ve engaged with her around the issues that are important to this office, and we have absolutely no doubt about her qualifications for this office,” declared Dean Robel. “We have special areas of expertise: we know law and we know Dawn,” added Professor Orenstein. “And in both those areas, I think that… Senator Lugar would appreciate our knowledge of what the job requires and how it should be executed as well as our knowledge of who Dawn is as a person.”

Take Action: Call your senators and ask them to call for a vote on Johnsen’s nomination.

A vote has not been scheduled on Johnsen’s nomination. With all of the important issues facing our government, President Obama needs the highly qualified Johnsen at work leading the Office of Legal Counsel. The Senate should schedule a vote and confirm Prof. Johnsen without further delay.