Honoring Bob Pennoyer

Bill Moyers, Keynote Speaker

The Metropolitan Club of New York

September 26, 2013

Alliance for Justice held an extraordinary event on Thursday, September 26th, in New York City in honor of Bob Pennoyer, one of our nation’s great attorneys, advocates, and, most importantly, citizens.

We were deeply honored to thank him for his service to our nation and his unwavering devotion to the fundamental principles of equal justice and democracy. Like Bob, AFJ believes that all members of our society should have the same expectation of justice along with equal access to the courts to secure it. To support that core idea, AFJ has sought to alter the national conversation about the courts and to create an environment that makes it more difficult for the federal judiciary to tilt the balance away from long-held, hard-won notions of equal justice for all.

Bob’s life has been an inspiration to all of us and he has set the bar very high for those who work for the cause of equal justice for all Americans. While it was Bob Pennoyer’s night, the fight for fairness, equality, and justice truly belongs to us all.

We are happy to share Bob’s speech, as well as video and pictures from that wonderful evening.

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