Does your nonprofit group want to join the movement to protect and expand reproductive rights? AFJ’s Bolder Advocacy initiative can help.

Training and Technical Assistance for Nonprofits

Through Bolder Advocacy, Alliance for Justice helps hundreds of nonprofit staff each year understand the rules governing their policy work. Check out our training and resources to embolden your advocacy for reproductive justice!

Key Bolder Advocacy Resources

Check out these real-world examples of nonprofits working to defend the rights secured under Roe v. Wade. The following are resources we find most useful to the reproductive rights groups we help.



capitolInfluencing State and Federal Legislation

With conservatives proposing an unprecedented number of laws in recent years to limit women’s reproductive rights, nonprofits should be pushing back by exercising their legal right to lobby.

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Supporting or Opposing Ballot Measures

Battles over reproductive rights are increasingly playing out in the ballot measure arena. Check Ballotpedia for an updated list. Nonprofits can and should engage in advocacy to support or oppose ballot measures.


Social Media for Education and Mobilizing

Digital media tools like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are important vehicles for educating, informing, and mobilizing people on reproductive rights and justice issues.

Nonprofits can legally use social media for advocacy, but should know when social media needs to be counted as lobbying, and how to ensure partisan content does not get attributed to the organization.


Election Activity

Nonprofits concerned about access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion and other reproductive health issues may want to get involved in elections. Permissible activities include registering voters, educating candidates about issues, hosting candidate debates and forums, and much more.

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Commenting On Candidates for Political Office

2014 will likely be full of candidates talking about women’s reproductive health – with varying levels of knowledge. Remember the statement in the 2012 election about how women were physically incapable of becoming pregnant during rape? Nonprofits can comment on candidates if they follow these guidelines.


Holding Judges Accountable

Increasingly, judges act as the gatekeepers to women and girls’ reproductive health. Nonprofits can advocate for judges that will uphold women’s constitutional rights. They can also speak out on the decisions of sitting judges.


  • First Monday Films

    For more than a decade, Alliance for Justice has produced films to help educate the public about social justice issues and expose students to careers in public interest advocacy.

  • AFJ Audio Analysis

    Alliance for Justice analyzes key cases before the United States Supreme Court, and circuit courts of appeals, using audio excerpts from oral arguments.

  • Videos

    Video highlights provide additional insight to issues addressed in our feature films.