Let’s talk about immigration. Immigration is baked into our DNA as a country.

People from all over the world seek refuge and opportunity in America, and how we treat those who are new to our country says a lot about us as humans.

For better or worse, the Supreme Court has a huge impact on how we treat immigrants – and whether we can welcome them to America at all. If we’re not careful, a future Supreme Court could halt much-needed progress toward fixing our dysfunctional immigration system, preventing hard-working people from contributing to the country they love.

Right now we’re at a make or break moment, and the direction the Supreme Court takes in the next few years could have a resounding impact on immigration.  You know what’s at stake here: Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. There’s already one vacancy on the Supreme Court, and in the next few years there could be several more.


Produced in partnership with the National Immigration Law Center
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