The Alliance for Justice Judicial Selection Dashboard provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on all federal judicial vacancies in one graphic display. Use the map and search filters for a state-by-state breakdown of: current and future vacancies; pending nominees; vacancies without nominees; how long each seat has been vacant; judicial emergencies; and the party affiliation of senators in states with judicial vacancies. Click here for tips on using the dashboard.

Judicial Selection Reports

“The Alliance for Justice reports are so detailed, comprehensive and invaluable they should be read by everyone, from the president to Congress and the media.”
-Brent Budowski, The Hill

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Stat Overview:

81 Vacancies
 10 Circuit Court
71 District Court

18 Nominees
2 Circuit Court
16 District Court

5 pending on the floor


Tips for using the Judicial Selection Dashboard

» Click on a state for detailed information about vacancies in that state
» Hover over a segment to see more information about an individual vacancy
» Map or Dot Plot: Use this to toggle between a map and a dot plot that shows a color-coded mark for each vacancy
» Show: Use this to toggle between showing days since vacancy announcement, and days the seat has been vacant
» To view detailed information about vacancies nationwide, select “All” in the State filter on the right-hand side
» To print or save information, click the export icon at the bottom center of the screen:
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