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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 21, 2013 – Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron issued the following statement in response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to move to change Senate rules:

 Alliance for Justice commends Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his courageous decision to end the unprecedented abuse of Senate rules by a Republican minority dedicated to obstruction-at-all-costs.

This was not a decision made easily or taken lightly.  There was no choice.  The Republican minority had turned the existing rules into weapons of mass obstruction.  Most recently, they acknowledged that they had no grounds to oppose on the merits President Obama’s supremely qualified nominees for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  But they filibustered those nominees anyway.

This change in the rules is the only way to return the Senate to its place as the world’s greatest deliberative body; it is the only way to ensure that the Senate can put the well-being of the American people ahead of the political interests of an extremist minority.

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