Senate should confirm other judicial nominees without further delay

WASHINGTON, D.C., APRIL 28, 2014 – Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron issued the following statement today in response to the confirmation of Judge Michelle Friedland to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit:

Judge Michelle Friedland will be an outstanding addition to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Her work on one of the first lawsuits to challenge California’s Proposition 8, her strong pro bono record, and her work on the Silicon Valley Campaign for Legal Services show that she understands the needs, and the rights, of everyday Americans.

Unfortunately, like so many other nominations, this one was delayed needlessly by unprecedented Republican obstruction.   Even after rules reform, many federal courts remain in crisis due to the petty, vindictive campaign of obstruction at all costs waged by Senate Republicans.

The issue is especially acute in our circuit courts of appeals.  Because the Supreme Court hears relatively few cases, it’s often appellate court judges whose word is – literally – law.  Five more circuit court of appeals nominees are awaiting a vote on the Senate floor right now.  It’s long past time for Republicans to put Americans’ right to justice ahead of their obsession with partisan politics.

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