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There are pivotal judicial nominees long overdue for a final vote in 2023.

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Nan Aron at The Hill: Thanks to Jimmy Carter, America’s courts look more like America
“President Carter succeeded in appointing 41 women and 57 racial minorities to the federal judiciary during his four years in office, equivalent to a 500 percent increase in the number of female federal judges and a nearly 200 percent increase in the number of nonwhite federal judges in U.S. history at the time.”

Reuters: Few Biden judicial nominees at Senate hearing as ‘blue slip’ concerns loom
“Kimberly Humphrey, the legal director for federal courts at the progressive group Alliance for Justice, said the confirmation process was ‘stagnating,’…”

Rakim Brooks at Democracy Docket: Saving Our Courts Means Questioning All U.S. Supreme Court Norms
“The Supreme Court still serves the people. We should insist that the justices be in conversation with us about our sacred text and laws in a way that is audible to most Americans.”

15 Years After Heller, Bruen is Unleashing Chaos, But There’s Hope For Gun Regulations
“The revisionism culminated with Heller, in which the Supreme Court upended all prior jurisprudence on the topic and held, for the first time, that the Second Amendment’s “central component” is individual self-defense and, as such, the Amendment protects an individual (rather than collective) right to possess a firearm in defense of “hearth and home.”