Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Black woman and first public defender to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. She is an eminently qualified judge who has shown an unwavering commitment to equal justice.

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We Must Act Now To Save Abortion Rights
The final decision has not been reached, and Roe remains the law of the land, but the leaked draft provides the clearest indication yet that the Trump Court is poised to fully roll back people’s constitutional right to an abortion.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be A Justice For All “Today, we celebrate this historic moment, but tomorrow we resume the fight to protect our democracy.”

How Conservatives Weaponized An Anti-Union Supreme Court Ruling To Attack Tenants’ Rights
Property owners’ desire to make more money off their property should not come at the expense of families losing their homes.

How The Supreme Court Is Helping Bake Racism Into Our Electoral Maps
Federal legislation can transform how redistricting is completed — stepping in where the courts have stepped out — to restore fairness to the process.