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There are pivotal judicial nominees long overdue for a final vote in 2023.

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The Insufficiencies of the Supreme Court’s So-Called Code of Conduct

“Forecast: The Roberts Court will continue as usual, ‘Code’ or no ‘Code’…”

HuffPost: Joe Biden Has Confirmed 150 Federal Judges. 100 Of Them Are Women.

“There must be a plan to overcome the hurdle of blue slips and fill every vacancy. The real celebrations start when Biden and Senate Democrats reach 235.”

New Judicial Nominees Reflect Robust Commitment to Diversity and Progress

“This is America’s greatest promise: The best of the world come here, and no matter their backgrounds or faiths, they can live up to their greatest potentials.”

Member Spotlight: Gender Justice

Gender Justice envisions a world where everyone can thrive regardless of their gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.They work to ensure that people of all genders have a meaningful right to bodily autonomy, safety, health, and opportunity.