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There are pivotal judicial nominees long overdue for a final vote in 2023.

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Washington Post: Senators prepare for a showdown over judges and ‘blue slips’
“There are so many seats that will remain vacant and will never have a nominee unless the president decides to really push the issue…”

The Open-And-Shut Case In Favor Of Student Loan Debt Relief
“Though each of the amici present the Court with their own unique perspective in support of the U.S. Department of Education, together they showcase the broad popularity, strong legal foundation, and urgent economic necessity underpinning President Biden’s effort to cancel student debt for 40 million Americans.”

Member Spotlight: SIECUS
“2022 saw an explosion of conservative attacks on honest US history, LGBTQ inclusion, trans kids in bathrooms and sports, and sex education as part of the Right’s effort to undermine the future of our country.”

Courts Must Be Part Of Solution To Gun Violence Epidemic
“There’s no doubt it will get worse if courts put gun lobby special interests over people’s basic right to live without the fear of being gunned down while doing everyday tasks.”