• 95% of cases are decided in state courts.
  • 60% of state high court judges are Republican-affiliated.
  • 84% of states have a high court judge whose term ends in 2022

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    AFJ has been a leader in galvanizing the largest and most diverse coalition of progressive advocates in our nation’s history and energizing millions of people from all walks of life to prioritize the courts. Our Bolder Advocacy program has trained thousands of nonprofits and foundations on how to advocate for their missions. Alliance for Justice is working toward a brighter and more just future. We hope you will join us.

    This Supreme Court Decision Shows How Drastically The Court Has Been Politicized
    “Although the court declined to fully overturn McGirt, Castro-Huerta rendered the former decision a hollow victory by eliminating the idea that tribal lands are free from state power.”

    Special Report: Supreme Court Justices Would Be In Violation Of Ethics Code If It Applied To Them
    This report makes policy recommendations for how to create enforcement mechanisms when the justices undermine their office and outlines various legislative proposals already being offered.

    Record 16 Nominations Set New Momentum For Judicial Confirmations
    “It is not only essential that the White House continue nominating high-quality future judges at a steady pace, but an imperative that they are quickly confirmed as well.”

    Strict Scrutiny Podcast: How Mitch Rigged the Courts
    “In this episode, Leah talks with Rakim Brooks of Alliance for Justice, and Brandon Hasbrouck of Washington & Lee Law School, about how federal judges get picked, how Mitch McConnell has played the long game, and how the Democrats need to move forward in the judicial selection process.”