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There are pivotal judicial nominees long overdue for a final vote in 2023.

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In Loss for Clean Water, Supreme Court Rules Wetlands Not Wet Enough to Protect

“We know that climate change is only going to make it harder to protect access to clean water, making this a huge setback for the entire planet. This is not a ruling on behalf of reason or the rule of law, but one that helps the rich get richer at the expense of everybody else.”

Daily Kos: Democrats introduce bill to restore integrity and respect for the rule of law to the Supreme Court

“The nation’s highest court has been captured and rigged by radical extremists that flaunt a commitment to their partisan agenda with extreme rulings departing from long-standing precedent and repeated inaction after several new bombshell allegations of ethics violations.”

Law360: Civil Rights Atty Becomes 11th Circ.’s 1st Black Woman Judge

“She is an incredibly accomplished attorney and embodies the kind of diversity and commitment to
equal justice still so desperately needed on our federal courts.”

Member Spotlight: Western Leaders Network

WLN harnesses the power of local, tribal and state elected officials to address conservation and climate initiatives and protect our democracy.