1. Jimmy Balser Dorot Legal Fellow
  2. Leslie Barnes Counsel, Bolder Advocacy
  3. Heather Burke Web Associate
  4. Anese Clark Database Manager
  5. Leslie Black Cordes Vice President of Programs and Operations
  6. Alisha Dingus Individual Giving Manager
  7. Kirstin Dunham Senior Counsel
  8. Daniel L. Goldberg Legal Director
  9. Sue Hoechstetter Senior Advisor for Foundation Advocacy and Evaluation
  10. Beth Holtzman Dorot Legal Fellow
  11. Laurie Kinney Director of Communications
  12. Mathias Lemma Bookkeeper
  13. Abby Levine Director, Bolder Advocacy
  14. Toren Lewis Counsel
  15. Karol Alzate Londono Klagsbrun Outreach Fellow
  16. Sara Matlin Bilingual Counsel, Bolder Advocacy Initiative
  17. Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort Director, Texas Office
  18. Ronnie Pawelko Elections Counsel
  19. Alicia Peyton Director of Administration
  20. Nikhil Pillai Counsel, Bolder Advocacy Initiative
  21. Alexa Pinto Program Coordinator
  22. Nona Randois California Director
  23. July Silva Director of Finance
  24. Megan Simons Communications Manager
  25. Christine Sloane Grasstops Outreach Manager
  26. Shyaam Subramanian Southern California Counsel
  27. Keith Thirion Director of Outreach
  28. Holly Tippett Manager of Foundation Relations
  29. Bridget Winkler Executive Assistant
  30. Susanna Young Development Associate