Join our team and help us protect a fair and equitable justice system, preserve access to the courts, and empower others to stand up and fight for their causes. Below are our current opportunities.

AFJ signed its first Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, CWA Local 32035, on February 15, 2022. All union positions are covered by the CBA, which is available here.

Alliance for Justice’s Statement of Values:

INTEGRITY: We are committed to excellence in our work and to being a trusted partner that walks the walk, not just talks the talk. Organizationally and individually, we follow through on our promises and keep our word to each other and everyone we work with. 

IDEALISM: AFJ works beyond the promises of our nation’s foundational principles toward a democracy that is truly centered in equity, fairness, and justice. We see beyond the horizon of where we are to what we can and should be, and strive to realize that vision to make the impossible possible.

TENACITY: AFJ works to bend the arc of history toward justice and understands the sustained and tireless dedication it takes to achieve our ambitious and progressive goal in an often challenging landscape. We are dogged in the pursuit of our mission and vision. 

EXPERTISE: We are a thought leader, generating powerful specialized knowledge to fuel movements, build awareness, and equip leaders and organizations to advance their work in democracy.  

SOLIDARITY: AFJ is committed to engaging and uplifting the expertise, lived experience, and needs of our movement partners as they pursue their goals. We are only as strong as our networks and commit to building and maintaining relationships to advance the work, their goals, and our goals, and to amplifying all our impact. We engage in continuous learning to ensure we understand issues and our environment as it evolves. 

TRUST: We establish and maintain trust to ensure our voice is respected throughout our community. We do this by communicating honestly and respectfully, assuming the best intentions of our colleagues and those we work in partnership with. 

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: Inclusion is the driving force of AFJ’s work, internally and externally. It is the essential value that enriches and animates our strategies, partnerships, and impact. We prioritize equity, inclusion and teamwork to learn from our diverse lived experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets.