At Alliance for Justice’s founding, twenty organizations came together to protect core constitutional rights. Forty years later, our strength remains rooted in our membership of more than 150 organizations. Diverse in their missions, members are united in their commitment to progressive values and the creation of an equitable, just, and free society. AFJ’s partnerships with our suite of members help us better advocate in Congress, fight for fair courts that protect the rights of all of us, defend our rights in statehouses and at ballot boxes across the country, and organize to build progressive power that creates lasting and critical change. AFJ strengthens our members’ advocacy with unique members-only programming, tailored communications, access to cutting-edge resources and research, and opportunities to highlight your organizations’ work across our membership and the public.

Together, we are stronger in our work to advance justice, democracy, and protecting nonprofits’ ability to advocate boldly. Click here for an overview of membership benefits and join us today.

Member Spotlight:
Gender Justice