Rakim Brooks, President

Rakim Brooks is the president of Alliance for Justice (AFJ), where he brings his commitment to a judiciary that reflects America’s diversity and the Constitution’s promise of a more perfect union. 

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Betsy Miller Kittredge, Vice President of Operations and Chief of Staff

Betsy Miller Kittredge (she/her/hers) brings deep experience in the progressive movement and a lifelong commitment to social justice to the Alliance for Justice. Prior to joining AFJ, she was the SVP of Human Resources and Operations at EveryAction (now named Bonterra), a company that helps thousands of nonprofits with fundraising, advocacy, volunteer management, and more.

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Keith Thirion, Vice President, Strategy

Keith Thirion serves as Vice President of Strategy at Alliance for Justice, where he oversees the Justice, Bolder Advocacy, and Outreach & Membership teams, shaping organizational strategy and working with the program teams to maximize AFJ’s impact.

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Anne Snouck-Hurgronje, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

With 15+ years of experience in mission-driven fundraising, Anne is a strategic development professional who works across programs and in collaboration with executive leaders to ensure the sustainability and growth of organizations.

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Carolyn Leary Bobb, Vice President, Communications

Carolyn works as a strategic partner across multiple teams. She joined AFJ after working for seven years at the AFL-CIO fighting for working people.

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Anese Clark, Executive Assistant

Anese Clark has been with Alliance for Justice for nineteen years and currently serves as the Executive Assistant.

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Jake Faleschini, Legal Director, State Courts / Program Director, Justice

Jake Faleschini is a lawyer and policy advocate with expertise in federal, state, and local justice systems. He currently serves as Legal Director, State Courts and the Director of Justice Programs at Alliance for Justice, where he helps direct policy, research, and advocacy on the state and federal courts. He joined AFJ in the spring of 2022.

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Zachery Morris, Deputy Legal Director, State Courts

Zachery Morris serves as Deputy Legal Director, State Courts at Alliance for Justice. He joined AFJ in the summer of 2022. 

Zachery has extensive experience as a civil and human rights litigator. Prior to joining AFJ, he most recently served as Counsel at American Oversight, where he led state and federal open records litigation and secured the release of thousands of withheld records tied to sham election audits and threats to democracy throughout the country. 

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Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Senior Aron Justice Counsel

Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza is Aron Senior Justice Counsel. Rebecca is an activist, advocate, and attorney best known for successfully suing former president Donald Trump under the First Amendment.

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Vasu Abhiraman, Helen Rosenthal Senior Counsel, Building the Bench

Vasu Abhiraman is the Helen Rosenthal Senior Counsel for the Building the Bench program at Alliance for Justice. In this role, he serves as a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in the federal and state judiciary, working collaboratively with a coalition of organizations to identify and recruit potential candidates for the bench.

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Rachel Bracken, Regional State Courts Manager

Rachel is a Regional State Courts Manager with the Justice Team. In this position, she manages AFJ/AFJ Action’s involvement in state supreme court justice selection and supports in-state coalitions in Ohio and throughout the Southeast. Prior to joining the Justice Team, Rachel was on AFJ’s Outreach Team where she helped create AFJ’s State Court Justice Project and launch AFJ Action’s State Courts Matter initiative.

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Erin Butler, Regional State Courts Counsel

Erin is a Regional State Courts Counsel in the Midwest region, working to support coalitions and facilitate AFJ/AFJ Action’s work in state supreme court justice selection with a focus in Michigan and Wisconsin. She joined AFJ in the fall of 2022. 

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Brianna Davis, Dorot Fellow

Brianna Davis is a Dorot Fellow at the Alliance for Justice. Brianna graduated from Florida A&M University-College of Law School in May 2023, and earned her B.A. in Administration of Justice from Howard University in 2017. While in law school, Brianna served as a legal clinic intern for the Guardian Ad Litem Clinic, where she provided legal advocacy on behalf of children in out-of-home and foster care to ensure that their best interests were effectively represented in the dependency and problem-solving courts system.

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Hayley Durudogan, Dorot Fellow

Hayley serves as a Dorot Fellow on the Federal Courts team at Alliance for Justice. In this role, Hayley works to support the nomination and confirmation of highly qualified, fair-minded, and diverse individuals to the federal bench. 

Hayley is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. At Berkeley, Hayley served as Director of the Moot Court program and Executive Director of the International Human Rights Workshop.

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Jeevna Sheth, Dorot Fellow

Jeevna Sheth is one of the two Dorot Fellows for 2022-2023 at the Alliance for Justice. 

In this role, she researches and prepares reports on judicial nominees and monitors federal court decisions affecting civil rights and access to justice issues. 

Jeevna graduated from the George Washington University Law School in May 2020 and earned her B.A. in Political Science and Human Rights from the University of Chicago in 2017. 

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Bolder Advocacy

Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort, Program Director, Bolder Advocacy

Natalie Ossenfort serves as Program Director for Bolder Advocacy, and formerly served as the Director of AFJ’s Texas office, where she worked with local nonprofit organizations to boost their advocacy capacity and understanding of state and federal nonprofit advocacy rules.

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Quyen Tu, Legal Director, Bolder Advocacy

Quyen is Legal Director for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice and is based in AFJ’s Southern California office.

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Shannon Williams, Director of BA Operations and Evaluation

Shannon Williams is the Director of Bolder Advocacy Operations and Evaluation.

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Washington, D.C.

Leslie Barnes, Senior Counsel

Leslie Barnes serves as Senior Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice.

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Tim Mooney, Senior Counsel

Tim Mooney is senior counsel with the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice.

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Susan Finkle-Souris, Senior Counsel, Affiliated Organizations

Susan Finkle-Sourlis serves as Senior Counsel for Affiliate Organizations with Bolder Advocacy.

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Haley Davis, Senior Program Coordinator, Bolder Advocacy

Haley Davis is the Senior Program Coordinator for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice’s DC office. 

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Ryann Alonso, Senior Program Coordinator

Ryann Alonso is the Senior Program Coordinator for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice’s DC office.

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Mallory Morales, Northern California Counsel

Mallory Morales is the Northern California Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice.

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Jairo Gomez, Senior Program and Evaluations Coordinator

Jairo Gomez is the Senior Program and Evaluations Coordinator for the Bolder Advocacy program. He coordinates workshops, trainings, and provides administrative and programmatic support.

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Sarah Efthymiou, Senior Counsel

Sarah Efthymiou serves as Senior Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice. In her role, she provides technical assistance, resources, and training to help nonprofit advocates understand their rights and abilities to advocate, lobby, engage in election related activities, and fund advocacy. 

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Monika Graham, Bilingual Counsel

Monika Graham serves as Bilingual Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy Program at Alliance for Justice. She supports nonprofit organizations in their advocacy and lobbying efforts by equipping them with the resources to do so boldly and effectively.

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Victor Rivera Labiosa, Bilingual Counsel

Victor Rivera Labiosa is a Bilingual Counsel for the Bolder Advocacy team and the Alliance for Justice’s Texas office.

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Administration and Finance

Nona Randois, General Counsel

Nona Randois is General Counsel at Alliance for Justice. Previously, as California Director and Interim Senior Legal Director, Nona was a leader of the Bolder Advocacy team, offering training, resources, thought leadership, technical assistance, and directing advocacy efforts to support nonprofits and foundations engaging in advocacy in California and throughout the country.

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Alicia Peyton, Director of Administration

Alicia Holmes Peyton has been in service as Alliance for Justice’s Director of Administration for over twenty years. She has been working to better the office administration and management field for over 30 years. 

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Reginald Thornton, Director, Finance

Tautianna Stringer, Database Manager

Tautianna Stringer is the Database Manager for AFJ.

Tautianna is a highly skilled civic engagement strategist and data analyst with a history helping organizations use data to enact change by making data relatable and understandable to all


Zack Ford, Senior Manager, Press and Editorial Communications

Zack Ford is the Senior Manager, Press and Editorial Communications at Alliance for Justice, where he helps craft the voice of the organization. He is the point person for handling media requests, publicly promoting the organization’s work, and developing AFJ messaging.

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Taylor Miller, Senior Digital Communications Strategist

Taylor Miller serves as a Senior Digital Communications Strategist for Alliance for Justice. In this role, she oversees the development and implementation of AFJ’s overall digital strategy across each of the organization’s major digital platforms.

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Aidan O’Shea, Senior Digital Communications Strategist

Aidan O’Shea is a Senior Digital Communications Strategist, having started with AFJ in January 2022. As Senior Digital Communications Strategist, he contributes to the management of the organization’s online presence, and designs and executes bold digital campaigns to further AFJ’s mission.

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Nadia Watson, Marketing Communications Manager, Bolder Advocacy

Nadia Watson is the Marketing Communications Manager for the Bolder Advocacy program at Alliance for Justice. She will help implement and maintain an overall content marketing strategy for Bolder Advocacy’s thought leadership and advocacy resources for the dual purpose of aligning with AFJ’s overall strategy and effectively engaging key stakeholders.

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Amy Ciciora, Director, Individual Giving

Amy Ciciora is AFJ’s Director, Individual Giving. Amy has been fundraising in DC since 2013 for a variety of causes. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of development using a hands-on approach to all projects using small touches and personal attention to make a meaningful difference for both staff and funders.

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Emily Harting, Director, Foundation Relations

Emily Harting joined the Alliance for Justice in May 2022 as the Director, Foundation Relations. In this role she is responsible for stewarding, cultivating, and growing the portfolio of generous foundation supporters that make AFJ’s work possible. 

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Sarah Cooke, Foundation Relations Manager

Sarah Cooke joined the Alliance for Justice in June 2023 as the Foundation Relations Manager. She helps steward AFJ’s foundation portfolio and provides administrative management for foundation relationships. 

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Dakota Dula, Manager of Development Operations

Emma Jardine, Development Associate

Emma Jardine serves as the development associate for Alliance for Justice. She most recently worked for the American Society of International law.

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Mike Salamon, Deputy Director of Outreach & Membership

Mike Salamon comes to AFJ with over 15 years of experience leading advocacy initiatives and grassroots engagement campaigns for a variety of leading nonprofits. Most recently, Mike was Director of Community Engagement and Organizing for the Anti-Defamation League, where he led strategic planning and engagement for multiple federal and state campaigns focused on combatting hate and extremism.

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Lizzy Heurich, Senior Manager of Outreach & Membership

Lizzy Heurich joined AFJ in April 2023 as the Senior Manager of Outreach and Membership. Previously, Lizzy worked in various fields, including higher education, nonprofit management, and electoral campaigns. 

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Beth Sorel, Senior Manager of Outreach & Membership

 Beth Sorel (she/her) is the Senior Manager of Outreach and Membership where she leads efforts for engagement and management of AFJ’s cohort. 

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Maya Lynch, Associate for Outreach and Membership

Maya (she/her) serves as the Associate for Outreach and Membership at Alliance for Justice where she leads outreach initiatives with national and state progressive groups.

Prior to joining AFJ, Maya worked as an Intern Coordinator for the California Democratic Party and as a Fellow for Swing Left. In these roles, she developed coalition-building, leadership, and grassroots organizing skills that she is excited to bring to AFJ.
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President Emerita & Senior Advisor

Nan Aron

Nan Aron is the founder and former president of Alliance for Justice (AFJ), the leading progressive advocacy organization on justice issues since its inception in 1979.

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