Press Release

AFJ Releases New Research Memo On Barrett Nomination and Hearings, Finding The Sham Process Shows Contempt For Democracy

October 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 15, 2020 – The Senate Judiciary Committee concluded its confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett Thursday, scheduling a vote on her nomination before witnesses even had a chance to speak to the Senators.

At the same time, Alliance for Justice concluded its analysis of the hearings, highlighting that confirming Barrett would threaten our rights and liberties.

Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron issues the following statement:

“Throughout the hearing, Barrett refused to answer question after question, has yet to respond to written questions, and has not fully disclosed her entire record, but Senate Republicans are pushing ahead anyway.

According to our analysis, there is no question that both the president and his Senate allies know exactly what Barrett will do and they couldn’t be more thrilled.

Senate Republicans believe that she’ll help tilt the court in an ultraconservative direction for generations to come.

Her confirmation must not proceed.”

Read the full analysis here.