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NC Policy Watch: Monday numbers: The Barrett nomination and the ongoing transformation of the federal courts

September 28, 2020

This excerpt is from a piece originally ran by NC Policy Watch on September 28, 2020.

As judiciary watchdogs at the Alliance for Justice reported last week (click here to read the summary and here to read the full report), Barrett is a judge with a record of being on extreme end of the ideological spectrum on a raft important issues, including civil rights, sex discrimination, immigrant rights, access to health care, reproductive freedom, workers’ rights and consumer protection. This is from the report summary:

“Barrett’s views, as evidenced in the cases highlighted in this report, are so extreme that she is challenged by other Republican appointed judges. Her views in many cases are contrary to the overwhelming weight of authority, and often unanimous authority, of other circuit courts. As Mark Joseph Stern noted, she has a ‘particularly cruel vision of the law.’ Her opinions have inflicted real pain and suffering to workers, women, consumers, individuals in the criminal justice system, and immigrants.”

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