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Vacancy Watch: Friday, October 9, 2020

October 9, 2020

AFJ is committed to keeping you informed about our fight to keep Trump from stealing #OurCourt.

UNDISCLOSED LOQUACITY: It appears Amy Coney Barrett has hidden numerous aspects of her spoken and written record that should have been disclosed to the Senate Judiciary Committee. First it was the 2006 anti-choice newspaper ad she signed onto, but reporting this week revealed two more previously undisclosed details:

  • In 2000, Barrett spent six months working to defend a Pittsburgh steel magnate accused of helping bankrupt a major Pennsylvania Hospital System. It involved one of the largest nonprofit bankruptcies in U.S. history at $1.5 billion. She’d previously been asked to list the “10 most significant litigated matters which you personally handled, whether or not you were the attorney of record,” and she only listed three, not including this one.
  • In 2013, she gave two previously undisclosed talks on Roe v. Wade. The first discussion, part of a “Right to Life Seminar Series” featuring faculty members who oppose abortion, focused on “changes to law and life for women after Roe v. Wade.” The second, a lecture to the anti-abortion student group, Jus Vitae, addressed “The Supreme Court’s Abortion Jurisprudence,” and included discussion of abortion cases still being litigated. One lecture on Roe that Barrett did disclose was conspicuously removed from YouTube, though all the other ten from that series remain.

LAWYERS FOR THE LAW: Alliance for Justice today released a letter signed by over 5,000 lawyers objecting to the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, partnering with Lawyers for Good Government. As AFJ President Nan Aron said, “It is virtually unprecedented for thousands of lawyers, from every state and a breadth of backgrounds, to unite in opposition to a Supreme Court nominee.” Read the letter here.

RALLY FOR #OURCOURT: This afternoon, AFJ joined People for the American Way, a broad coalition of groups, and several senators to hold a digital rally demanding “No Confirmation Before Inauguration.” Hundreds of thousands tuned in live, and you can watch it here as well:

No Confirmation Before Inauguration: #WeDissent

NO CONFIRMATION BEFORE INAUGURATION: In the middle of a global pandemic and as the 2020 election has already begun, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are trying to ram through the nomination of anti-health care, anti-reproductive rights, anti-voting rights judge Amy Coney Barrett for a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. If confirmed, we know that Barrett would end protections for people with preexisting conditions; overturn Roe v. Wade; and rubber-stamp Donald Trump’s attempts to hijack the 2020 election. Join us for a digital rally to tell our senators: no confirmation before inauguration. We expect to hear from Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Senator Maggie Hassan and more. (via

Posted by Alliance for Justice on Friday, October 9, 2020

STRAP IN: Hearings for Barrett’s nomination begin first thing Monday morning. Start your day with our very own Nan Aron bright and early on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal at 8:00 am and ask your questions in advance of the hearing.

CELEBRITIES JOIN THE CAUSE: Monday night, after the first day of hearings, politicians and celebrities will join together to celebrate the legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and speak out against the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Make sure you RSVP now for the free event.

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