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Yeomans: Pelosi Should Call Bolton’s Subpoena Bluff

January 10, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 10, 2020 – Why exactly did former National Security Advisor John Bolton offer to testify during the Senate impeachment trial? Alliance for Justice Senior Fellow Bill Yeomans has some ideas in his new column — and suggestions for what Speaker Nancy Pelosi should do about it.

“Bolton is trying to reap the benefit of appearing responsible, civic-minded, and titillating without running a substantial risk of having to testify,” Yeomans writes. “This is ideal positioning for a man whose book will be on sale soon.”

The odds are long that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would allow for such testimony. Yeomans isn’t concerned, however. “The House Intelligence Committee should test Bolton’s newfound commitment to cooperate by issuing a subpoena for his testimony immediately,” he recommends. “While Bolton offered to testify only in response to a Senate subpoena, he cannot have legal reservations about responding to a House subpoena, since House and Senate subpoenas carry the same force of law.”

Even if for some reason Bolton doesn’t want to do that, he could still help the country better understand his perspective on the Ukraine matter before the Senate trial is over. As Yeomans suggests, “The release of a chapter or two of his book might tell the public much of what it needs to know and would fulfill his obligations as a former public servant.”

Click here to read Yeomans’ full column on Bolton and what to expect from the Senate impeachment trial.

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