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Yeomans: The Long-Term Consequences of Quick Impeachment

December 11, 2019

Washington, D.C., December 11, 2019 – In a new column at Yeomans Work, Alliance for Justice Senior Fellow Bill Yeomans highlights two significant concerns about how quickly the House is advancing the impeachment of President Trump.

Yeomans’ first concern is the integrity of the 2020 election. After the Mueller report, Trump demonstrated his willingness to ask for more election interference as soon as he believed he was exonerated. “History tells us that Trump will strike again as soon as the investigation ends,” Yeomans warns. Keeping the impeachment process going is “powerful medicine,” a “spotlight” that helps prevent Trump from secretly attempting to rig the election in other ways.

The other concern Yeomans offers is that a rushed process bypasses an important obligation to follow through on the checks and balances built into the Constitution, including addressing the way Trump has obstructed the investigation. “His dismissal of impeachment as unconstitutional and a sham amounts to a declaration that he is above the law and cannot be held accountable by Congress,” Yeomans writes. “Admittedly, court enforcement of subpoenas takes time and the process should be much farther along than it is, but it should still happen.”

Click here to read Yeomans’ full analysis of the House’s introduction of two articles of impeachment.

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