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Yeomans: Two Key Questions Following Impeachment Inquiries

November 27, 2019

Washington, D.C., November 27, 2019 – In a new column at Yeomans Work, Alliance for Justice Senior Fellow Bill Yeomans shares his analysis of where the investigation into the president stands following the revelations from the impeachment inquiry hearings. Given the number of people who assisted President Trump in demanding investigations from Ukrainian President Zelensky, he poses two question for consideration: 1) How soon will the investigation wrap up? And 2) Why isn’t there a parallel criminal investigation of Trump’s collaborators?

On the first question, Yeomans makes the case that the House would be better off taking the time to collect more information rather than advancing articles of impeachment with a very narrow focus. “While it may be that there is no quantum of evidence that would crack the fact-resistant Republican wall that protects Trump, the odds of making a dent would increase if even more key players submitted to questioning and produced relevant documents,” he writes. “A prolonged process will keep Trump’s misdeeds in the public spotlight, doubtless provoking him to lash out in ways that clarify his culpability.”

As to the lack of parallel criminal investigations, Yeomans points the finger at Attorney General Bill Barr. “Not only will Barr resist opening a frontal investigation regarding Ukraine,” he reasons, “the Department of Justice will continue to argue that witnesses need not testify. It is not clear even that DOJ will prosecute witnesses who lie to Congress.”

Click here to read Yeomans’ thoughts on why the investigation should be extended, not truncated.

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