The Alliance for Justice and ten other reform-minded organizations have sent a letter to the justices of the Supreme Court calling upon them to formally and voluntarily bind themselves to the Code of Conduct for United States Judges.

The Code of Conduct applies to all other members of the federal judiciary; only the nine justices of the Supreme Court are exempt. The members of the Court state that they look to the Code for guidance and act as if bound by it; however, behavior by some of the justices, including attending and speaking at overtly political gatherings and participating in fundraisers, belies this claim.

We call on the justices of the Supreme Court to take affirmative action to assure the public of their commitment to the highest standards of ethics by formally adopting and binding themselves to the Code of Conduct, action they can, and should, take on their own.

Add your voice! Sign our petition to Chief Justice Roberts and ask that the Supreme Court voluntarily adopt the Code of Conduct.