In June we asked the question “Where is the OPR report on the torture memos?” But Attorney General Eric Holder only gave excuses for the report’s tardiness.

Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Whitehouse (D-RI) asked Attorney General Eric Holder the same question during a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, but we are no closer to an answer and the report is still MIA. Nearly two months ago Holder claimed that the process was close to the end and that the report would be ready in “a matter of weeks.”

As we’ve said before, Alliance for Justice is not urging undue haste. The Department of Justice needs to get this right so we can understand how the Department went so wrong. However, this investigation began over five years ago, and we are still waiting for answers.

So we have to ask again, “Where is the OPR report on the torture memos, AG Holder?”