About Boldly Forward

We must respond swiftly — and boldly — to the threats to our democracy.

The Boldly Forward campaign will accelerate and expand our pursuit of equal justice and support of nonprofit advocacy.

Reasons to Support Boldly Forward

Given the slim margins in the Senate, we must act urgently to take back our courts.

Selecting judges who are demographically and experientially diverse will increase confidence that everyone will get a fair shake.

The way to advance progress is by empowering nonprofits to advocate courageously.

Those victimized by the justice system are often the most vulnerable members of our society — and deserve justice when they walk into our nation’s courtrooms.

There is tremendous untapped capacity within the nonprofit world to influence policy.

AFJ has a 42-year track record of critical, democracy-building wins and now, more than ever, we must maximize the growing social and political will to build a more just society.

“Despite the challenges and political dynamics of the past four years, now, more than ever, I am optimistic about our future and confident in Alliance for Justice’s capacity and commitment to further embolden the progressive movement and create a more just nation.”

Nan Aron, Founder, and President of Alliance for Justice

Our Work


Our Justice program has paved the way for the confirmation of hundreds of judges that uphold and advance the rights of us all, and has led the opposition to nominees that would turn back the clock on hard-won rights and freedoms.
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Bolder Advocacy

Our Bolder Advocacy program plays an integral role in building a strong progressive movement, and has trained over 100,000 individuals from over 10,000 nonprofits to more powerfully advocate for their causes and constituencies.
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Campaign Goals

Confirm 100 judges from all corners of the legal profession by 2022.

Enable nonprofits to navigate to the edges of advocacy rules and regulations.

Recruit and empower a courts champion to organize support for nominees in every single state.

Empower groups that are defending voting rights, reforming our broken criminal justice system, taking bold climate action to save our planet, and restoring humanity to our country’s immigration policies.

Thank You, Nan

Iconic leader, Founder, and President of AFJ, Nan Aron is stepping down after 42 years of unparalleled determination and visionary leadership.

Nan has been at the forefront of securing a judiciary that protects the constitutional rights of all individuals. During her tenure, she, along with our extraordinary staff, built the nation’s premiere organization focused on social justice and the courts. Under Nan’s stewardship, AFJ leads — and continues to lead — the charge against ultraconservative judicial nominees and has paved the way for hundreds of confirmations of well-qualified, fair-minded judges to take seats on the federal bench.

Prior to founding AFJ, Nan worked as a staff attorney at the ACLU’s National Prison Project and went on to serve as a trial attorney for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Nan founded AFJ in 1979 to guard against the ideological impact of President Reagan’s federal judicial nominees and an increasing influence of the conservative movement over the nation’s courts.

The Boldly Forward campaign honors AFJ’s remarkable record of expanding justice through Nan’s vision and stewardship; it also ensures our critical democracy-building work will move boldly forward over the next 42 years and beyond.

Donate in Honor of Nan

“We at AFJ remain hopeful and inspired to continue fighting for a Justice Department that respects the rule of law, to give courage to nonprofits around the country to speak up, and a Supreme Court that secures the rights of all Americans.”

Bradley Whitford, Alliance for Justice Board Member