Cory Wilson

On May 4, 2020, President Trump nominated Cory Wilson to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Like many of Trump’s nominees to the federal bench, Wilson is an ideologue committed to using the power of the judiciary to implement ultraconservative policies, not to be a neutral, unbiased jurist. Those who enter his courtroom will have significant reason to doubt Wilson’s impartiality or dispassionate application of facts to law. Alliance for Justice strongly opposes his confirmation.

For fewer than nine months, Wilson has served as a state court judge in Mississippi. Before that, he served in the Mississippi House of Representatives and various government, legal, and academic jobs. Wilson’s record as a legislator, his prolific presence on social media, and his op-ed writings, paint a picture of a deeply partisan political actor. In fact, much of his record consists of dutifully parroting the right-wing media’s talking points of the day. He lamented the imagined “War on Christmas,” hammered the Obama Administration for investing in the solar panel company Solyndra, and repeated the “Crooked Hillary” nickname.

Wilson has not hesitated to make broad, insulting generalizations about those who disagree with him politically, showing a lack of respect for his opponents and a narrow mind about the issues he is likely to confront as a federal judge. It is not just his temperament, however, that raises serious concerns. As is clear from his record, he intends to use the courts to advance a dangerous agenda.