Every day, federal judges uphold the Constitution, place a check on overzealous legislatures, and help Americans find justice. AFJ’s Justice Program monitors and assesses federal judicial nominations to ensure our courts are staffed with highly qualified judges that will safeguard the rights of all, not just the wealthy and powerful.

Over several decades, AFJ has worked tirelessly to secure confirmation of hundreds of highly qualified, fair-minded, and diverse federal judges. We have also galvanized the largest and most diverse coalition of progressive advocates in our history and energized millions of people to prioritize the courts. Now, as the nation transitions to a new Administration under President Joe Biden, we must prioritize reversing the damage Trump has done to the federal judiciary. Through our extensive networks in the legal, advocacy, legislative and academic communities, we will continue mobilize demand for courts that uphold our core constitutional values. After the 2020 election, we led a group of over 70 progressive organizations in urging the Biden administration to prioritize federal judges by expeditiously filling vacancies with qualified and diverse individuals who are committed to equal justice for all. Though Trump is gone, his right-wing nominees will remain on the federal bench for decades. It is imperative that the Biden Administration and the U.S. Senate work to limit the damage these ideologues will cause by quickly confirming new federal judges.

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Judicial Stat Overview

Includes current and announced vacancies. Updated as of December 7, 2023.


Biden Administration Confirmed Judges

1 in the Supreme Court
37 in Circuit Courts
121 in District Courts
4 in Federal Claims
0 in International Trade


Nominees to the Federal Bench

5 in Circuit Courts
25 in District Courts
0 in Federal Claims
2 in International Trade
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Federal Judicial Vacancies

7 in Circuit Courts
83 in District Courts
1 in Federal Claims
2 in International Trade
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Nominees Pending on the Floor

3 in Circuit Courts
15 in District Courts
0 in Federal Claims
0 in International Trade