Updated as of January 20, 2022.

Federal Nominee Overview

Includes those announced as intent to nominate.
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Circuit Court


District Court


Federal Claims


International Trade

Circuit Court Nominee Details

An asterisk (*) denotes the date announced with intent to nominate.

Alison J. Nathan2nd (NY)Committee Vote1/20/2022
Arianna J. Freeman3rd (PA)Nominated1/19/2022
Andre B. Mathis6th (TN)Hearing1/12/2022
Nancy Gbana Abudu11th (GA)Nominated1/10/2022
Leonard StarkFederalCommittee Vote1/31/2022
J. Michelle ChildsDCNominated1/10/2022

Judge Ketanji Brown JacksonDC6/14/202153-44
Judge Candace Jackson-Akiwumi7th (IL)6/24/202153-40
Judge Tiffany CunninghamFederal7/19/202163-33
Judge Eunice C. Lee2nd (NY)8/7/202150-47
Judge Veronica S. Rossman10th (CO)9/20/202150-42
Judge Gustavo A. Gelpí, Jr.1st (PR)10/18/202152-41
Judge Myrna Pérez 2nd (NY) 10/25/202148-43
Judge Beth Robinson 2nd (VT)11/1/202151-45
Judge Toby J. Heytens 4th (VA)11/1/202153-43
Judge Lucy H. Koh9th (CA)12/13/202150-45
Judge Jennifer Sung9th (OR)12/15/202150-49
Judge Gabriel P. Sanchez9th (CA)1/12/202252-47
Judge Holly A. Thomas9th (CA)1/20/202248-40

District Court Nominee Details

An asterisk (*) denotes the date announced with intent to nominate.

Hernán D. VeraCentral District of CaliforniaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Sherilyn Peace GarnettCentral District of CaliforniaNominated12/15/2021
Kenly Kiya KatoCentral District of California Nominated 12/15/2021
Fred W. SlaughterCentral District of California Hearing 1/12/2022
Sunshine Suzanne SykesCentral District of California Nominated 12/15/2021
Ana Isabel de AlmaEastern District of CaliforniaNominated1/19/2022
Jacqueline CorleyNorthern District of CaliforniaCommittee Vote1/13/2022
Trina ThompsonNorthern District of California Nominated11/3/2021
Robert Steven HuieSouthern District of CaliforniaNominated1/19/2022
Ruth Bermudez MontenegroSouthern District of CaliforniaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Charlotte SweeneyDistrict of ColoradoCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Nina Nin-Yuen WangDistrict of ColoradoNominated1/19/2022
Victoria CalvertNorthern District of GeorgiaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Sarah GeraghtyNorthern District of GeorgiaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Julie RubinDistrict of MarylandCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Cristina D. SilvaDistrict of NevadaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Anne Rachel TraumDistrict of NevadaCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Georgette CastnerDistrict of New JerseyCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Evelyn PadinDistrict of New JerseyNominated12/15/2021
Nusrat Jahan ChoudhuryEastern District of New YorkNominated1/19/2022
Hector GonzalezEastern District of New YorkHearing1/12/2022
Natasha C. MerleEastern District of New YorkNominated1/19/2022
Nina MorrisonEastern District of New York Nominated12/15/2021
Dale E. HoSouthern District of New YorkCommittee Vote1/20/2022
Jessica G. L. ClarkeSouthern District of New YorkHearing1/12/2022
Jennifer H. ReardenSouthern District of New YorkNominated1/19/2022
Jennifer L. RochonSouthern District of New York Nominated12/15/2021
Bridget Meehan BrennanNorthern District of OhioCommittee Vote1/13/2022
Charles E. FlemingNorthern District of Ohio Committee Vote1/13/2022
David A. RuizNorthern District of Ohio Committee Vote1/13/2022
Tiffany M. CartwrightWestern District of WashingtonNominated 1/19/2022
John H. ChunWestern District of WashingtonCommittee Vote1/20/2022
William S. PocanEastern District of WisconsinNominated12/15/2021

Judge Regina RodriguezDistrict of Colorado6/8/202172-28
Judge Julien NealsDistrict of New Jersey6/8/202166-33
Judge Zahid QuraishiDistrict of New Jersey6/10/202181-16
Judge Lydia GriggsbyDistrict of Maryland6/17/202159-39
Judge Deborah BoardmanDistrict of Maryland6/23/202152-48
Judge Angel KelleyDistrict of Massachusetts9/14/202152-44
Judge David EstudilloWestern District of Washington9/14/202154-41
Judge Margaret StricklandDistrict of New Mexico9/21/202152-45
Judge Florence PanDistrict of D.C.9/23/202168-30
Judge Lauren J. KingWestern District of Washington10/5/202155-44
Judge Sarah A. L. MerriamDistrict of Connecticut10/6/202154-46
Judge Christine O’HearnDistrict of New Jersey10/19/202153-44
Judge Tana LinWestern District of Washington 10/21/202152-45
Judge Jia M. CobbDistrict of D.C.10/26/202152-45
Judge Karen M. WilliamsDistrict of New Jersey10/26/2021 56-38
Judge Patricia Tolliver GilesEastern District of Virginia10/26/2021 68-27
Judge Michael S. NachmanoffEastern District of Virginia10/27/2021 52-46
Judge Sarala Vidya NagalaDistrict of Connecticut10/27/2021 52-46
Judge Omar A. WilliamsDistrict of Connecticut10/28/202152-46
Judge Samantha D. ElliottDistrict of New Hampshire12/15/202162-37
Judge Linda LopezSouthern District of California12/17/2021 48-25
Judge Jinsook OhtaSouthern District of California 12/17/2021 47-24
Judge David Herrera UriasDistrict of New Mexico12/17/2021 45-26
Judge Maame Ewusi-Mensah Frimpong Central District of California12/17/2021 46-24
Judge Jane M. BeckeringWestern District of Michigan12/17/2021 45-25
Judge Shalina D. KumarEastern District of Michigan12/17/2021 44-25
Judge Jennifer L. ThurstonEastern District of Michigan12/17/202146-24
Judge Katherine Marie MenendezDistrict of Minnesota12/18/202149-21
Judge Mary Katherine DimkeEastern District of Washington 12/18/202147-23