Alliance for Justice plays a leading role in research, education and advocacy around the nominations process for Supreme Court justices. This work has been a core part of our mission for decades, throughout Democratic and Republican administrations.

If there is a Supreme Court vacancy this year, and if Republicans ignore what they said in 2016 – when they blocked Merrick Garland in an election year – to confirm a right-wing ideologue, they will have a fight on their hands. Progressives are galvanized like never before on the issue of our courts, and AFJ is ready to lead a fight to keep another Trump nominee who will erode our rights off the Supreme Court.

President Trump has a short list of candidates hand-picked by the ultraconservative Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society. AFJ has reviewed the records of the judges on President Trump’s short list, and we continue to monitor their decisions. No one on the list is fit to serve on the Supreme Court. Click here to learn more about this list.

In 2018, AFJ was a leader in the broad and inclusive campaign to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Since then, AFJ has continued to pay attention, tracking the harmful impact of his first year on the Court. To read more about his tenure as a justice and the fight against his confirmation, click here.

In 2017, AFJ worked to oppose the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch. AFJ brought Alphonse Maddin, the “frozen trucker” to Washington to share his story of how despite clear federal law, Gorsuch would have forced him to choose between his life or his job when his truck broke down in subzero temperatures. Gorsuch’s record on a lower court showed that he was a judge who favored the interests of the wealthy and powerful over the rights of everyday people, and he has continued to do so on the Court. To learn more about Gorsuch, click here.

In 2016, President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the seat left vacant by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. AFJ compiled an in-depth report on Garland’s background and advocated for his confirmation. The Republican-led Senate, however, staged a historic obstruction of the nomination, refusing to even hold a hearing for Garland.

With Building the Bench, AFJ’s goal is to develop a cadre of qualified candidates for judgeships on the Supreme and lower courts prior to the start of a new administration. By starting early and preparing long before the next Administration gets its sea legs, we can support the new president and encourage them to hit the ground running to nominate and confirm individuals with a demonstrated commitment to equal justice for the lower federal courts and the Supreme Court early in their tenure. Read more here.