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It has been well-documented that the Roberts Court consistently pursues an agenda that favors powerful corporate interests and the wealthy at the expense of everyday Americans. What is less well-known is that in order to reach these preferred outcomes, a bloc of five conservative justices has proven strikingly willing to engage in judicial activism by overreaching and twisting the law. The Supreme Court‟s shift is the result of a decades-long campaign by special interest groups to elevate corporate profits and private wealth over individual rights and personal freedoms. The Roberts Court‟s mission is hardly limited to procorporate bias; for example, the conservative bloc has reached to strike down long-upheld voting rights laws, strip away the rights of the accused in the criminal justice system, and eviscerate statutes combating housing, employment, and other discrimination. Since John Roberts became Chief Justice in 2005, the Supreme Court has demonstrated an increased readiness to do whatever it takes to interpret the law in a way that protects powerful interests at the expense of everyday Americans.