The strength of Alliance for Justice is rooted in our membership of over 120 organizations who share a commitment to an equitable, just, and free society. Throughout the decades of AFJ’s history, our members have been at the forefront in defending our communities’ constitutional rights and building power across the progressive movement to fight for social justice – in the courts, halls of Congress, state houses, ballot boxes across the country, and in the communities they serve.

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Why Should You Join AFJ?

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  • We help our members navigate the legal pitfalls of nonprofit advocacy: AFJ plays a unique role in ensuring our members have the tools, knowledge, support, and guidance to boldly make their case to elected officials and the public so their priorities will get the attention and resources they deserve, while staying within restrictions on advocacy for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. 
  • We serve as leaders in the fight for our courts: Our justice system should never be used as a tool to roll back the decades of progress the progressive community has made. For four decades, AFJ has fought to protect the integrity of our federal courts. 

Our work, and the collective strength of our members, is crucial in protecting our civil liberties, human rights, and democracy in today’s tumultuous times. 

Together with our members, AFJ works to: 

  • Increase nonprofits’ advocacy engagement: Our work increases the capacity of the nonprofit and funding community to engage in effective, strategic advocacy through trainings, technical assistance, resources, and guidance on navigating lobbying and campaign finance rules and regulations; 
  • Protect nonprofits’ ability to advocate: Whether it’s at the federal, state, or local levels or with legislatures, state agencies, or executive offices, we’re fighting to ensure we can continue to advocate for the rights and protections of our communities; 
  • Strengthen our community’s work: We monitor federal legislation that impacts our civil justice system and track court decisions that have implications for consumers, employees, the disenfranchised, and our democracy; 
  • Provide expertise on judicial nominations for the progressive movement: We serve as the foremost expert on federal judicial nominations, advocating for the confirmation of diverse and qualified judges who will protect our rights, and opposing unqualified nominees. We conduct in-depth research and share our findings with the Senate, media, and public; 
  • Engage the progressive community to challenge the threats facing our federal courts: We educate and activate advocacy organizations, elected officials, and the public about the threats posed by a conservative takeover of federal courts, including the Supreme Court.

AFJ members receive: 

  • Free Bolder Advocacy resources: Access to all of BA’s materials and reports, complimentary participation in our public webinars, access to quarterly member-only trainings, and discounts on customized workshops; 
  • Access to the experts: Tailored technical assistance on advocacy laws as they apply to your work – via our hotline (866-NP-LOBBY), dedicated e-mail ([email protected]), and in-person consultations; 
  • Exclusive member events and communications: quarterly member events and newsletters where you can highlight your advocacy, campaigns, and upcoming events;
  • Increased visibility: Opportunities to highlight your organization, projects, and advocacy via online Member Spotlights, guest blog posts, and on AFJ’s social media accounts, plus a listing in AFJ’s luncheon program, our website and brochures;
  • One complimentary ticket to AFJ’s annual luncheon or New York reception, and exclusive invitations to members-only events and briefings; 
  • Cutting edge research on judicial nominees: In-depth research and reports on federal lower court and Supreme Court nominees; 
  • Enhanced community: Opportunities to connect with AFJ’s membership of more than 120 progressive organizations.

Membership Dues 

Annual dues are prorated based on organizational budgets for 501(c)3 public charities and 501(c)4 organizations according to the sliding scale below. Dues rates for other organizations will be determined on a case by case basis. Membership is renewed on an annual basis.

  • Up to $2.5 Million: $500 
  • $2.5Million to $5 Million: $1,000 
  • $5 Million to $10 Million: $2,500 
  • $10 Million to $20 Million: $3,500 
  • $20 Million and above: $5,000 

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