Our courts are the last line of protection against an administration that is putting people’s lives at risk through its abusive and radical actions.

No Confirmation Before Inauguration

With just weeks before the election and people voting as we speak, now is not the time to ram through a Supreme Court Justice. As Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans made clear just four years ago, the American people deserve the right to vote for a President and senators who will nominate and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice.

Amy Coney Barrett clearly meets Trump’s litmus tests for judges who would overturn the health care law and Roe v. Wade. Barrett criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for his decision to uphold Congress’s authority to enact large portions of the health care law.

The president’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett demonstrates once again that millions of Americans’ health care, reproductive freedom, civil rights, voting rights, and so many other protections that are the bedrock of our democracy could be stripped away.

We urge all Americans who care deeply about the cause of equal justice, and the future of our country, to join us in fighting this nominee.

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