Our courts are the last line of protection against an administration that is putting people’s lives at risk through its abusive and radical actions.

No Confirmation Before Inauguration

With just weeks before the election day, and millions of people already voting, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans chose to ram through an anti health care Supreme Court Justice during a global pandemic. Alliance for Justice joined with our partners in standing against the nomination, and confirmation, of Amy Coney Barrett.

Though ultimately confirmed 52-48, your support helped make it clear that Americans will not stand by as ultraconservatives take over our courts. Whether you signed the letter, attended a digital rally, or called your senators, you made it clear they will not stand by as ultraconservative take over our courts.

It’s up to us to take a stand. Click here to check out AFJ Action Campaign, a separate 501(c)(4) entity, for resources for individuals and 501(c)(4) organizations.