Amber Saddler

Amber Saddler is a Dorot Fellow at the Alliance for Justice. In this role, she researches and prepares reports on the records of potential judicial nominees, monitors Congressional proceedings for confirmations to the federal judiciary, and writes about Supreme Court and lower federal court decisions affecting civil rights and access to justice issues.

Amber joined AFJ after graduating from the Howard University School of Law in May 2020. As a student-attorney with the Howard Clinical Law Center, she represented low-income adults charged with criminal misdemeanors in the District of Columbia Superior Court and advocated for education policy reform for Prince George‚Äôs County Public Schools in Maryland. She also spent semesters working on education law and policy at KIPP DC and the Office for Civil Rights at the Department of Education.   

Prior to law school, Amber worked on policies to improve higher education access and quality at a consulting firm off Capitol Hill, investigated for The D.C. Public Defender Service, and designed programming to support low-income students in the Washington metropolitan area with education non-profits, including AmeriCorps.

A D.C. native, Amber left her hometown only briefly to earn a B.A. in Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought from Amherst College. In her free time, Amber can be found travelling, continuing her years-long quest to learn to ride a bike, or re-watching The Office.