dc-circuit-slidePresident Obama has nominated three supremely qualified individuals to fill all of the vacancies on the second most important court in America, the D.C. Court of Appeals.

The D.C. Circuit decides cases that affect every aspect of all Americans’ lives, from the air we breathe to workplace safety to the health of our families to the ability to regulate financial institutions. This court needs to be at full strength in order to manage its critically important caseload, the unique nature of which may well affect the ability of the government to serve the public interest.

With stakes this high, we are prepared to join with President Obama as he champions the effort to ensure that the Senate fulfills its constitutional obligation to fill the circuit’s ninth, 10th and 11th seats without delay — just as it did during President George W. Bush’s administration.

Watch highlights as Nan Aron discusses the issue on MSNBC with Melissa Harris-Perry:

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Republican efforts to block the D.C. Circuit nominees are only one part of a pattern of Republican obstruction.

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